The new year has started off with growing momentum for Mauna Kea: A Novel of Hawaiʻi—including media and podcast interviews and more book events. Our UPDATED 2024 CALENDAR below reflects all this. Among the broadcasts were a March interview on Hawaiʻi Public Radio’s daily program, “The Conversation,” and two earlier social media interviews for audiences well beyond the islands—on Daniele Bolelli’s Drunken Taoist podcast and on Whitley Stieber’s Dreamland podcast and videocast. READ ON for details, photos and easy links to those discussions.

AND THERE’S MORE AHEAD, including an April 13 Big Island Press Club “Newsmaker luncheon” and a May 4 reading and book signing at Native Books in Honolulu!

2024 CALENDAR OF EVENTS for Mauna Kea: A Novel of Hawaiʻi

2024 CALENDAR OF EVENTS for Mauna Kea: A Novel of Hawaiʻi

January 16 (6:00 p.m.) – Meeting with the Kona Stories Fiction Book Club at the bookstore in Keauhou

January 26Dreamland interview (video and podcast), “Mauna Kea: Magic and the Sacred in Hawaiʻi,” with Jeremy Vaeni, guest host of Whitley Strieber’s “” website

February 24Drunken Taoist podcast interview with Daniele Bolelli and Rich Evirs, “The Magic of Hawaiʻi”

April 2 – Tom’s Hawaiʻi Public Radio interview with Russell Subiono on HPR’s “The Conversation” program

April 13 (11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.) – Big Island Press Club “Newsmaker Luncheon” at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo Campus Center, Room 301 (reservations required)

April 18 – Video interview with prolific Big Island writer Leslie Lang, coauthor of Mauna Kea: A Guide to Hawai‘i’s Sacred Mountain, for her Midlife Dialogues program on YouTube

May 4 (2:00 p.m.) – Reading and book signing at Native Books in Honolulu (Arts & Letters Bldg., 1164 Nuʻuanu Avenue in Chinatown)

September 21 (10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) – Author presentation at the Hawaii Writers Alliance/Kona Stories gathering of writers in Kona

Lively interviews about ‘Mauna Kea,’ Hawaiʻi, colonialism, and much more . . .

In March I was interviewed for an April 2 broadcast of Hawaiʻi Public Radio’s popular midday program, “The Conversation.”  Russell Subiono, who grew up in the shadow of Mauna Kea in Waimea and is the show’s Executive Producer, conducted the interview. During our discussion, we talked about how the novel came to be, its storyline, and the writing process used to create it, as well as aspects of the longstanding clash over the Thirty Meter Telescope.

Hawai’i Public Radio’s Russell Subiono interviews Tom for a segment of HPR’s popular weekday program “The Conversation.”

In February I did an hour-plus interview for the popular LA-based podcast, The Drunken Taoist with Italian American author, martial artist, college professor, and podcaster Daniele Bolelli. Joining us was his equally-dynamic co-host Rich Evirs, who long before working in Hollywood had roots in Hawaiʻi and is also a telescope operator and guide to the heavens at LA’s famous Griffith Observatory. During the lively, wide-ranging interview we discussed Mauna Kea, the Thirty Meter Telescope clash, colonialism, and how Native Hawaiians’ foundational tradition of aloha sets a potent example for tamping down the anger and polarization now rampant across the globe. Bolelli’s other popular podcast is History on Fire.

“Drunken Taoist” podcast hosts Daniele Bolelli (right) and Rich Evirs (left) interview Tom on February 10, 2024 for their popular bi-monthly podcast based out of Los Angeles.

In January I was interviewed by author, filmmaker, and talk show host Jeremy Vaeni, a guest host for Dreamland, one of the wildly popular Whitley Strieber Unknown Country podcasts. During the podcast, entitled “Mauna Kea: Magic and the Sacred in Hawai’i, Vaeni, a longtime Big Island resident and a fan of Mauna Kea, asked me about the novel and the realities behind the story’s “magical realism,” and he raised the ever-timely question of what happens when a sacred place is tarred over or cemented. TO WATCH THE VIDEO VERSION of the interview on YouTube, scroll down and click the video link below.

Dreamland podcast host Jeremy Vaeni interviewed Tom on January 13 for Whitley Stieber’s Unknown Country website.

An earlier—Fall 2023—Interview on Honolulu television . . .

These 2024 interviews aren’t the first media broadcasts about the novel.

During last fall’s Hawaiʻi Book and Music Festival I taped an in-studio interview with Kainoa Carlson for Hawaiʻi News Now’s “Hawaiʻi Now Daily” variety program, which was broadcast statewide on Monday, November 6 and is now available online.

Food and fun at a February book event with lively Arizona hikers . . .

Some of the twenty-two Arizona hikers who met Tom in Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park on February 5th to discuss his novels and his long and interesting Hawaiʻi life. Members of a hiking club near Tuscon, they were guided by two former longtime (and beloved) park volunteers, Charlene and Amos Meyers (standing right).


If you’re interested in setting up an author event with me or a media or social media interview, please contact my literary agent Arnie Kotler, my Hawaiʻi publicist Amy Hammond, or send me an email via my website’s contact page. Mahalo!